More about spring

Last few days have been really sunny. So sunny infact that I have been forced out of bed at around 7 am by the blinding light streaming through the flimsy cloth sheathing our window that is a sorry excuse for a curtain. Aren’t curtains supposed to block out light? Hence shouldn’t they dark and thick? I wonder what made the owner of this house make curtains out of white thin material?

Speaking of spring it’s really here. The birds – the trees – the colours. Here’s this tree right outside our house that has blossomed with a week.


Shantanu has taken to drawing, painting and writing in short scratching on every surface that he can get his hands on. I have blue pen marks all over my blue sweater and on my neck and behind my ears. That’s his favourite spot! Playschool is still a trying time though with Shantanu crying and other mums giving me their sympathetic looks and smiles. Being told that I was the same gives little comfort to my jittery nerves. Insecurity runs high in the family!

Remember the thing I was so happy about? It still hasn’t worked out and am waiting for certain things to pan out before disclosing it.

Been having weird dreams lately, well when didn’t I? Dreaming that my pappa has gone missing when I return to India. Guess that’s because am missing him and this is the longest that we have been apart. To recover, I am planning to drink beer, listen to ghazals and comb my hair before I go to sleep. Don’t ask!


2 thoughts on “More about spring

  1. Smita

    So u don’t comb ur hair usually??? hehehehe just pulling your legs!!!!

    Cheer up!!! Sometimes when we are missing our closed ones too much this happens!!! SO chil!!! 🙂 and everything will turn out well!!!

    And Shantanu’s antics sound so cute, earleir I couldn’t relate to them but now I can!!! 😀

    1. Maddie Post author

      Smita: Combing hair right before going to sleep is a family trait, and such a funny one too! I fail to understand. 🙂 Am sure you may also have such interesting habits in yout fam. How’s the little one doing? 🙂


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