From tandoori chicken to size 8

And you thought I would put on weight with all that hogging. Sheesh! How can you think so? I guess it’s in the genes. No, it’s the jeans. Or maybe it’s the way I cook food. Confused yet?

Okay let me begin at the beginning. After another hogging weekend, what with the Chicken Tandoori and mutton and fish, we went out shopping for clothes last evening. I have never had to go on diet so far but just when I was panicking on which size jeans to try on, I was surprisingly delighted! For me it was always a dreadful thing to go on and buy jeans or trousers or whatever type of pants since a particular size never fits me and it’s always between two sizes that I have to choose, one that is a bit loose and other that’s too tight. So you can imagine my pleasure at finding the right jeans in the right colour in the right size and the right height. I was almost squealing in joy when this time the smaller size fit perfectly. 

Flare Jeans

Back to the tandoori chicken, let’s just say that it’s one of those dishes that I miss most so have been cooking it frequently recently and every time we find a wine that goes well with Indian and tandoori dishes. Here’s a pic:

That’s fresh from the grill

I have been having weird dreams lately – of meeting fellow bloggers and discussing with them their posts I like the most and conversing as if we have been old friends. Note that apart from commenting on their blogs and having them respond to my comments, there’s nothing I know of them personally but what makes you bond with them through their posts? Are we so open and forthright with people in our reals lives as we are on blogs?

I am also experiencing this bizarre thing – right before I fall asleep, I have some brilliant ideas about a blog post, or something really funny that I just have to share and then I fall asleep. I will myself to get up and write down that thought but then at that moment I fall asleep and have no recollection of it when I wake up. Have you been experiencing anything like this?

And a big hello to the lurkers! Please please introduce yourselves. I know you are here, some regular lurkers and some new ones. How are you doing this week?


6 thoughts on “From tandoori chicken to size 8

  1. Garima

    I call them “blogger moments” Where in my mind I am crafting a superbly classic post! Something which I have to blog about… and then the moment is gone.. I get busy with something else… and then when time comes to write, I start but it does not sound as nice as it was the first time I wrote it in my mind!!! hehe….so you are definitely not alone there!@

  2. Smita

    Oh even I do that!! I mean write a post in my mind and if it is going on then I Need to put it immediately otherwise the data is lost (hehehehe)….

    Congrats for fitting-in in the right jeans 😀

  3. sabi

    Thats so very true, I remember even for things like skates or a casio my parents would put up a condition u get A+ & we get u this & at the end when we got it we would feel so happy & the feeling that yes we deserved it, nowdays we get our kids things even before they ask for it.The worth attached to small things is just disappearing everything is taken for granted. Hey do u cook tandori chicken at home, how do u do it, I have tried it but it always becomes dry & a bit chewy

    1. Maddie Post author

      Hey Sabi, yeah I cooked it at home. If yours is turning out chewy then it’s not cooked thoroughly, how do you do it? Maybe we can share recipe.


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