The New year trip

So I had been absconding for almost a fortnight now, no more than that. Fret not, I was only sulking about the year coming to an end and wondering how soon it passed, given that I did absolutely nothing, nothing! since I came to Edinburgh in June. To rouse me from my depression, hubby took us to a week-long holiday at his cousin’s place in London! And what a week that was. From sumptuous meals to breathtaking surroundings and heart-to-heart talks, we did it all.

We visited the Cambridge university – took the traditional punting tour of the river Cam passing along the backs of Cambridge university. A picture is worth a thousand words…

Remember 'mudi mudi' from Paa?

Beautiful autumn colours and snow


the willows, snow, cambridge...ahhh

Just beyond this bridge is a huge ground where the shooting of the selection of players for Quidditch in HP1 took place. I was so stunned by that information that I missed taking the picture.

We then visited the Bury St Edmund’s town. It’s a small market town in Suffolk and is considered to be the most

It was a day of mist and fog and utterly delightful atmosphere to explore the ruins of the old cathedral!


Towncentre at Bury's. such small markets and town with so much character and history. All the Agatha Christie novels came to life and I found myself looking out for Miss Marple!

 floral town in Suffolk.

Now veggies close the tab, the meat eaters salivate!

Raan masala made by my SIL. Don't ask me the recipe, I don't have it. Delicious and mouth-watering.

Aside from this trip, I have been given to hope that a most delightful event is to occur this year-end, no am not expecting and it has nothing to do with my immediate family. But am in such spirits that I have suddenly taken to food like never before. I find myself hogging till am ready to barf. With the limited amount of exercise that I do, or rather absolutely nothing, it’s a wonder that my jeans still fit and am not blowing up like Harry Potter’s aunt Marge. So, anyway, am excited and that’s making me do crazy things, not that I don’t do them otherwise, but then I never thought I would gluttonous.


8 thoughts on “The New year trip

  1. Uff!! THe suspense… so you mention “not expecting” ehhehe..
    The trip looks magical.. and lovely!!! Glad you guys had a great time.. My vacation is also very overdue!!!
    I guess should start the “mood swaying” now… to make a brief trip someplace!

    now back to suspense.. I guess will have to wait till year end……….naaah!!! say say 😉

    • Go go take the vacation. It is always good to take a break and come back with charged batteries; in my case with a voracious appetite. 🙂 And no, there’s no suspense, high spirits leading to a healthy appetite 😛

    • Thanks Smita, how’s your boy doing? My eating which I hope is only temporary is due to an elevated level of excitement about an upcoming event at year end. Will put in my thoughts at lenght later on. 🙂

    • Good to see your comment Karthik. I haven’t read that book. Sad to say but only read Kane and Abel and Not a penny more, not a penny less which I thoroughly enjoyed. I guess I should put him back on my reading list. 🙂

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