You know you have turned into a typical housewife…

…when you wake up in sweat after dreaming your new crystal glasses getting smashed into a heap.

…when efficiency means cooking the food with minimum spoiling and slippage on the gas stove.

…when you plan lunch and dinner menus way in advance so you have enough time to soak in your pulses.

…when you always have ingedients ready to prepare a quick fix lunch or dinner.

…when deadlines mean getting the lunch box ready by 8:30 and setting the dishwasher when your kid is soundly asleep.

…when you call your husband with the agenda being only to discuss grocery shopping items and menu options.

…when your “me-time” means having a cup of coffee while the baby sleeps and surfing the net for new dishes and recipes.

…when multi-tasking means keeping the kid out of the drawer and other dangerous edges in the kitchen and managing to cook the food without burning it.

…when your weekend outings include or are restricted to grocery shopping and you feel delighted when you find your favourite sauce or cake is available at half-price.

…when consistency means cooking the same dish n number of times with the same flavour, texture, colouring, quantity and quality.

…when the biggest challenge is to prepare more than one dish at a time and cook them all in record time before the meal.

…when you manage to get the laundary washed and dried in a day’s time during the most horrible weather conditions.

…when you feel you have accomplished great many things by just cooking, cleaning and putting the baby to sleep.


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