Tumble Tots

We were suddenly struck by the realisation that, apart from us, Shantanu doesn’t know anyone and is seriously lacking social interaction. It’s been 3 weeks now since we started taking him to a play-group called Tumble Tots. This is the only outing where he gets to interact with tots his age.

He was naturally overwhelmed at the first class but the next two were pretty smooth. He has made a couple of friends now and is okay with one to one interaction. He still needs one of us at his side throughout the session.

It was a big achievement for us today to reach the premises, given the foot deep snow and the disrupted transport. We made it in time before the session. Reaching there, we found that only a couple more kids had managed to come. The ride back home was a long and tiring one. The bus didn’t come and we waited and waited. Then, we waited some more. We had to take a different route where we changed buses and by the time we reached home it was noon already. Hubby was in two minds whether to go to office or not. I had asked him to stay back as it was impossible to take out the pram in this climate.

Shantanu, however, wasn’t very keen on playing today. There weren’t many kids around and he seemed irritated with the instructors. He also refused to sit in the group songs along with the other kids and instructors. Any advice?


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