A rant

Why does one have relatives? That too pathetic relatives? And relatives that stay in touch only to cause pain? What sick pleasure do they get in torturing and manipulating you?

I have been unfortunate enough to have one such female in my family who can make a rock cry. She has been such a pain for quite a long number of years that I was really hoping that there is no new method left now to torture. But then the devil has his own ways. So an incident has occurred recently that has been making my blood boil and making me sweat in these freezing temperatures.

Some people like a close cousin of mine and my hubby have unbelievable nature and character that makes them handle such things with astonishing calmness to the point of being aloof. They can be quick-witted and sarcastic and put that person in his place if anyone happens to insult or abuse them. But not me. I get tortured, angry, frustrated and make my day bad thinking, analysing and chewing my nails in dismay. I don’t know, is it some kind of a negative energy that I attract such humiliation from such stupid people.

And then you may ask why do I bother? Why do I give these people attention enough to lose my temper and mood. I am angry at the injustice. I am angry at their audacity to behave in such a manner and question others when they themselves have lived a life of sin and shame. Their hypocritical morals, their brazen arrogance, their immodesty and the fearlessness with which they question the attitudes and integrity of others is what leaves me flummoxed.

I cannot go beyond, “How dare they?” at such a situation. What baffles me further is the fact that then I am expected to provide explanations, justifications and clarifications for my certain behaviour and attitude when I am not even in the wrong.

Is that just?

I know that after listening to all the rant, hubby dearest, god bless him, will tell me to let it go and not bother but then how can I just unbother?

I am so angry right now, irritated and frustrated beyond my limits but sane enough not to kill anyone. Thank god, I have managed to curb that urge a few years back.

What do you guys do? Tell me, I want to know. Really.


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