Book Review: Naked Frame

Author: Robert Burton Robinson


Rebecca Ranghorn is wanted for murder. The dead man in her office has a bullet in his head. Her bullet. But she’s not the killer. At least she doesn’t think so. Rebecca is a private investigator working mostly cheating husband cases. She knows how to kick butt, and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. In NAKED FRAME, her client is a mother wanting proof that her teenage daughter is having sex with a sleazy Dallas businessman, Big Bill Smotherburn. Once Rebecca shoots the video, the mother begins to threaten him. Big Bill drops by Rebecca’s office unannounced, after hours, and tries to buy the video. But within minutes, Rebecca has passed out, warm pistol in hand, and Big Bill is sprawled out on the floor with half his face blown off. Rebecca had been pointing the gun at Big Bill, unsure of his intentions. But she’s sure she wouldn’t have pulled the trigger. She believes somebody framed her. She knows it’s only a matter of time before police discover the body, and come looking for her. It’s an odd time to reconnect with her best friend, Gabby, from high school. But he wants to help Rebecca. The two of them will unravel the mystery. Or die trying.

In the first of Rebecca Ranghorn mystery series, Private investigator Rebecca finds herself in trouble with a dead body in her office and her dad’s gun in her hand. Teamed up with her former best friend from school days, they set out to unravel the murder mystery. They run into dead bodies at every turn of the plot and find themselves deep in trouble.

Did Rebecca murder the man in her office or is she framed?

What kind of business agreement did her best friend, Gabby, have with the murdered man?

Can she trust Gabby?

Find out about her adventures in Naked Frame, a lighthearted read, which is fast paced, full of suspense and twists and turns. Rebecca’s friend Gabby is quite a character. The easy rapport they share and their constant banter makes for some delightful read. I am interested in finding out what happens in the next series and what more adventures does Rebecca go through.

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