The stolen TV and other updates

With the approaching autumn the trees in our garden have turned beautiful red and yellow and I feel so delighted to experience the English autumn after reading about it in books. The days are growing short and cold. The internet provides little entertainment and hence after much deliberation, we decided to get our stolen TV in working condition. Hubby finally bought the cables and boxes and now we get to watch 75 channels.

We took Shantanu to the doctor last Friday. After examining him, the doctor said that the spots that appeared on his body are not of Chicken pox, much to our collective relief. It is some kind of a reaction to the viral fever that he had last Sunday. He assured us that these would go away in a week’s time. However, he may still get chicken pox later. He did not give any medicines nor did he suggest any change in the diet. We have started giving him a banana a day to clean his system.

Shantanu has started saying a few words now. “aai, aaba, me, kaka, kaki” are the regulars.
“dada = daddy”
“Coppa = helicopter”
“pachati = chapati”
“gooo = gol”
“meeee = me, mary poppins”
“pa = paani”
“aaatiya = atya”

He can now climb on the chairs of the dining table but dares to do so only when we sit on them. When he doesn’t stop even after telling him so repeatedly, I sometimes just stand at the table and have my food. Next, when he starts climbing on the table, I think we will be having food right off the pots from the stove. He also switches off the TV just when something interesting is about to happen.

I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice and then went ahead to watch the movie as well as the television series. I am so so in love with Mr. Darcy. I find it hard to decide whether I love Rhett Butler more or Mr. Darcy.

Did I tell you am in love with Mr. Darcy. Sigh.. if only such men existed in real life.

Voices in my head when I cook:
“Always heat the pan well before pouring the oil..”
“Everyone has a unique way of rolling out dough while making chapatis. You will eventually find yours.”
“Don’t open the cooker before the pressure is out.”
“Heat the milk before pouring it while making sheera.”
“Saute the onions properly before putting the veggies.”
“Separate and remove all the water from the kheema before applying the masalas. This will help not form lumps in it.”
“You will be able to make out if the dish is prepared well just by smelling its aroma. Don’t fret and don’t taste.”

I hear these voices of my aunt and grandma every single day when am cooking. I mean I really hear them. Ever. Single. Time. Okay I wasn’t into cooking before marriage, nor after it for a long time. But just before I travelled to Singapore, I had made my aunt and grandmother give me tips on cooking and the above is just a few of what they said that time. And now, every day when I go to cook, I hear it in my head as if they are standing next to me instructing. I recall it word to word. Maybe, I should have made them recite my studies, I would have remembered it much better.

That’s all for now. I shall go and appreciate the colour and fragrance of the lavender and think of Mr. Darcy!


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