…and my home is spotlessly clean. Ever wondered how the imminent arrival of a guest works wonders for home cleaning? That is what this weekend is about. Kiddo isn’t doing much to drag me away from the laptop and run behind him. The nice quiet content little baby that he is, I think he is the wonder kid which all moms pray for. And lucky me, I got him. Ok, god, please don’t jinx it now that I have declared it out loud. I know he is just too small to create havoc but I have heard and read tales of other kids that send shivers down my spine. Come to think of it, kiddo has never given me any trouble even before he was born. I was one of those blessed few who had little trouble during pregnancy. His routine was also much less troublesome. Anyhow, I must write another post on it, I digress.

So we have a guest coming this weekend, tonight actually and even before hubby could complete this sentence, my mind was already listing the things that need to be done to make this mess of a place look like a warm welcoming home. We rushed to the nearest mall and got all kinds of fancy cleaning liquids and sponges and what not. I get to use a new spray on my kitchen board! Yayyy!

Sigh! That’s the height of excitement in my life folks.

I need a life.

Anyhow, four months into staying in UK and we have kind of adopted the culture. Dinner’s at 8 and light outs at 9:30. Damn! Reading this am sure MIL will miss a heartbeat. What? lights out at 9:30! Are you kidding me? That’s like the time we started warming up in front of the TVs with wine! Ok. end of digression.

Last night after the early dinner, I sponged and cleaned the kitchen to a glorious sparkle needless to say I was quite reluctant to cook today from fear of spoiling it again. But the stomach needs food! All the clothes have been magically fit into closets and the other remaining pieces of laundry are stuffed into our bedroom for drying. And voila! the house is clean.

I want one of those best housewife awards now!

Modesty? What is that?


2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Garima

    Haha…. So true: “All the clothes have been magically fit into closets ” This weekend I cancelled a standing dinner we were hosting.. since I really didnt want to clean before and after…. hehe… But erally… next time i will use the excuse: “All the clothes have been magically fit into closets ” you are welcome to come on over!


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