Just like that…

Well I don’t have anything to write about. Few topics come to my mind but just bounce off. Maybe it’s the weather, the Seasonal Affective Disorder has struck again. Sudden drop in the temperature has had an adverse effect on my body, what with the running nose and constant sneezing, no,brandy is not helping. And it has struck my mood as always. I think even the mind is frozen with no stream of thought holding through.

Anyway, last weekend was fun. Been to hubby’s cousin’s place. Fish and fish-eating it was. It was a treat for us since we got to have fish after 3 months. And boy did we enjoy.

Today is the birthday of a very close friend of mine and I can’t remember the last time we celebrated it together. Must be around 5 to 6 years back before she got married. Marriage does this to friends specially girls – you don’t get to spend as much time together as you want to. Am missing her and what I would give to have those fun-filled days back!

Before I stop, the kiddo is growing beautifully and has taken a liking to music – songs really and he also has his favourites, well that’s for another post now.


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