Teaching Facebook to my dad

A couple of weeks back when I was busy harvesting my crops in Farmville, I realised that I needed two more friends to buy a new stall to offer more bushels to my friends. So I coerced my dad to add me as a neighbour. That’s when he dropped the bomb.

What exactly is Facebook? I made a face and raised my eyebrows. How and where to begin?

I sat down beside him and asked him, somewhat accusingly, why he joined Facebook if he didn’t know what it was, to which he replied, “Peer pressure”. Most of his friends were on FB so he joined too. But now he was stuck. He didn’t know what to do on it.

I let out a sigh, assumed an air of importance and gave him some gyan that it’s a social networking site where you can socialize with your friends, send them messages, chat with them, play games, share videos etc. “But I do all that on email. So what’s different? Is it like yahoo mail or rediffmail.”

“No dad, here you can’t send email but send messages. Plus you can play games like Farmville” I came back to the main point.

“But when I am getting an email about the messages I have received on FB, then I why do I need to go on that site and reply to it. Can I simply not reply to the mail?”

Hmmm. I tried a different tactic. I logged onto FB. I told him the homepage is divided into so many segments. On the left side you see your profile. Below it you can add a list of games, below that you can which friends are online and you can chat with them. Then in the middle section of the page you get to see all the updates about your friends. On the extreme right are some advertisements and so on.

This got him confused even more. I tried to make it more interesting by showing some examples.

Finally he asked, “Is it like Orkut?”

“Yessss” I said thankfully.

“Ohh, but I don’t understand Orkut as well. How does that work?”

PS: I now use his facebook account to help me on Farmville. He is happy with simply emailing his friends and chatting on Yahoo Messenger. The pinnacle of his achievement with sending forwarded mails is creating a group of friends and mailing them.


8 thoughts on “Teaching Facebook to my dad

  1. S.R.Ayyangar

    Yes, fathers will be reluctant to know about the FB but once they are ‘in’, they would love.
    I have a problem with FB NEWS FEED.
    1-What ever I post on news feed of my FB page it remains until I delete but when I post anything on the News feed of Face book it vanishes in no time but others post remain. How so and why?
    2- Many of my friends/relative do not get the post even though they are FB friends.
    3- Which is the best metod to post so that everyone on FB can view/read.
    Can you throw some light on this plight of a father!!!!!

    1. Maddie Post author

      Hello S.R.A, welcome to my blog.

      About your queries, I am not sure I understand your first point. But if you click on your profile name at top left you will see all the activities that you have done on FB.
      Regarding your second query, even I am facing the same problem. Some of my friends are not able to see my posts even when they are on my friends’ list. I am not sure why this is so.
      The best way to post would be to post in the news feed. Check your setting and make sure all your updates are shared with your friends. Ask you friends to visit your FB page and check whether they are able to get the updates.

      Am not sure whether your queries are answered satisfactorily. But do let me know if this helps. 🙂

  2. Garima

    Haha… He has a very good point. If you are already doing all that on Email.. why bother! And.. that I get an email about it, then I go another site to email back. Very intresting! Never thought about it like that.

    FB sometimes reminds me of high school.. everyone (including me) is saying.. how cool there life is/ where they are travelling to.. or the circle of trust. I get in and out of phases from FB!

    1. Maddie Post author

      It is very exciting. But one must remember that, that is not the real life. I had a fight with one of my friends and he “unfriended’ me from facebook and I got so upset. When my peace returned, I realised it’s only a social networking site and he hasn’t removed me from his life.

      Technology can be overwhelming, I tell you.


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