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Kamya headed off into the surrounding suburbs. She walked through the park, past a parlour and across a cement footpath. She walked upto her front door when a sparkle caught her eye.

Kamya looked across and saw the glint of a watch as it turned and reflected sunlight. She saw her neighbour Gaurav who sat on the front doorstep listless as a daydreaming child. However he did not appear to be daydreaming and in an instant he peered at Kamya.

Kamya smiled a little and waved before turning to her door again. As she reached the door, Gaurav called her.

Gaurav: Hey.
Kamya: Hi.
Gaurav: “What’s up? Been to the parade?”
Kamya: “Yea..”
Gaurav: “Wow. was it any good?”
Kamya: “It was good.”
Gaurav: “Got any pictures?”
Holding up a camera, Kamya replied, “Sure thing.”
Gaurav: “Want to show me?”
Kamya: “Now?”
Gaurav: “Sure. Come over – we’ll have a drink.”
“Okay. I can use a drink.” Kamya smiled a little.

Gaurav met her at the front door and let her in. Kamya glanced around at the unfamiliar atmosphere.
“In here.” said Gaurav and opened the door into a dark enclave.

Kamya moved in tentatively. “It’s awfully dark.”
Gaurav closed the door and locked it. The room got darker.
Kamya turned around with a gasp as she heard the click. “There’s a light right?”

Sneaking behind her, Gaurav leaned over her ear. “I want to see those pictures now.” Kamya gulped and looked over her shoulder.
“I’ll need the light…”

Gaurav slipped the camera off her hand. He opened it and clicked it in Kamya’s face. Kamya stumbled back as the flash struck her eyes. She tripped over a footstool and fell with a thump. Gaurav scanned the picture.

He took another picture and then looked at Kamya with her skirt high over her thighs, and her legs awkwardly hanging over the stool. “You okay?”
Kamya: “Oww…”
Gaurav: “You got any other poses?”

Kamya rubbed her head and turned towards the door.
Gaurav stood in her way and said, ” There’s no out until I say there’s out.” Kamya shivered and gulped as she realised that there is no return.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

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50 thoughts on “Return

  1. Brijender

    A dark and foreboding end to what could have been a very cheeky story had he just grinned when he uttered those last words.
    But leaves an impact nonetheless.

  2. Kshitij

    Naaaise, I say.

    Initially I thought they were young kids…
    but yeh toh…

    I think she should not have entered if it was that dark. But wondering if the darkness did her or Gaurav.


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