The lunch and the genes and then some…

So it all started with a request from hubby for making lamb curry at 8 in the evening on one weekend. Then another weekend I made lamb liver and lamb curry. And today I made lamb curry, lamb liver and fish fry. All three dishes. At one time. It goes without saying that this is improving my culinary skills but at the same time my hubby’s demands for dishes is increasing. Currently I am enjoying my new found confidence in cooking but I sincerely hope that it doesn’t turn into certain conversations. But then I think some things are meant to be. They Patterns repeat. Only the people change. 

Right now, am sitting with a full stomach, still heavy with lunch and contemplating whether to have dinner or to skip it. There’s something about a lazy late lunch on Sunday. The obvious joy of Sunday, being with the family, the scrumptious meal and then the much desired afternoon nap. This is the magical time. However, as the evening approaches, the monday blues set in. I think Sunday evenings are more agonising that Monday itself. Just like the  anticipation of a pleasant episode is much more gratifying than the actual event.

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