Baby hates , mommy dreads it :)

Just back from a marathon haircutting session for Shantanu. He started crying the moment he was put on the chair. No amount of entertainment could console him. My dad who tried to divert his attention displaced all the stuff in the saloon under the pretext of amusing him.

At one point, the barber asked me to take him out for a stroll and then bring him back meanwhile he could continue with the other customers. Shantanu was happy once we were out of the saloon but started crying once we stepped inside again. We realised there was no point in continuing like this. We left. Now Shantanu’s hair is nicely cut on the left side of his hair. His right side has a slightly bigger mass of hair.

In all this crying the barber managed to cut only his left side lock. The right one resembles the likes of Amitabh Bachchan in his angry young man days. Think that!


One thought on “Baby hates , mommy dreads it :)

  1. Garima

    Haha, Thats just funny. One side cut hair…. he just might be a trendsetter.
    Take bubble blower. Cannot fail, make tiny little bubbles and the kid will be mesmerised.
    but I have now given up my battles with my daughter. I trim her bangs at home… and she is very happy and excited about that and will sit patiently and admire her hair in the mirror! Girls what to say! They start early


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