The little devil

Shantanu has become quite mischievous in the past couple of days.
Firstly, he has started walking backwards. Neither I nor hubby ever does that, so I wonder where he picked this up from.  And he has every chance of running into doors or chairs. So we have to be over careful with him. Secondly, he sometimes walks with his eyes closed. Now I don’t really know what to do about that.
He has started throwing tantrums at the drop of a hat. If I ask him to not open the washing machine door, or not to put something in his mouth (usually paper bits, wires, bottles, shoes, anything disgusting), he gives a shrill cry and shouts until we oblige. Then if I don’t pick him up (like when am cooking or doing some work) he lies down on the floor and starts crying.
He turns very cowardly at times. The piano, thanks to the constant banging and beatings that he has received at Shantanu’s hands, makes a weird harsh horn like sound sometimes. He runs scared like a headless chicken when this happens and starts crying. Almost immediately after I put on some song, he starts to dance, crying at the same time.
He can dance to almost any tune. The other day, my mom was sweeping the kitchen floor. He thought she was dancing. He started dancing then with his knees bent, mimicking her actions. Funny, that.
Though he still cannot talk, his actions and facial expressions say a lot. “uhh uhh” is the only word in his vocabulary that I need to understand depending on the tone and modulation.
So I can safely say that he is growing into just another normal child. 🙂

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