Held by the securities

Overheard at US airport security counter:

Officer: Sir, we think you may have items of suspicious nature in your bag. Could you please open your bag for me?

Man (thinking):  I wonder what these jerks want this time. This is my eighth trip to the US, for crying out loud.
(aloud): Sure.

The officer takes out a packet Rin detergent soap from the bag. “Sir, what is this?”

Man: It’s washing soap cake. My son likes it very much. He wants me to wash all his clothes using this detergent.

Officer: Ok.

He then takes out a parcel of Puranpolis. What is this?

Man: Sweet Tortillas!

Officer: Ok. He then takes out a bottle containing white powder, “Sir, what is this?”

Man: It’s Johnson’s baby powder for my grandson.

The officer then pours the entire bottle of powder on a big paper sheet. Adds drop of liquid to test if it’s cocaine or some such dope. It tests negative. He then smells it and exclaims: “Oh, it’s powder!”

Officer: You may go.

PS: Based on a true incident. For more details, leave a comment. 🙂