My sins…

This tag is the most happening around blogosphere. I have to state 10 things that I did or wanted to do that are not considered feminine. I am late in taking it up but here goes.

  1. Is reading books considered non-girly? I love books. I have a stock of them which am proud of. I love the murder mystery genre. The book isn’t interesting unless someone is dead. In the book I mean. However, recently I have indulged into classics.
  2. I am pretty comfortable without makeup or a lot of dressing up. In fact, I cannot do a proper make up apart from applying lipstick and eye-liner. There, I said it. I get ready before my husband, most of the times. 🙂
  3. Though I haven’t lived alone by myself, I would love to do that. Even now, when am alone with the kiddo, I am perfectly happy and enjoying it. I love the solitude.
  4. I can’t stand wearing delicate shoes.. high heels, stilettos. I am much comfortable in my walking shoes. So much so that I wear them even to office until my friends pointed it out. I turn a deaf ear!
  5. My dad tried to train me to drive a scooter (the heavy Bajaj one, mind you) when I was still in school until one day I banged down the gate of one of our neighbours. Luckily nobody was hurt. But that made my dad realise that the scooter is thrice my weight and I possibly cannot control it. 🙂
  6. I am not the sentimental kind. Many who know me would probably not agree to this, but I am not. At least not in the things that are considered to be girly-sentimental.
  7. I can be a complete couch potato. I can sit in front of the idiot box and watch anything that’s on. I can swear that I have watched all stupid Mithunda movies in school just because those were the only movies running on cable tv that time. I have even been threatened that I would get specs if I watch too much TV. Thankfully, I didn’t get them as yet.
  8. I get along better with guys than girls, except for a couple of my best girl friends. My best friend in school was a guy, my best friend at work was a guy. I guess I share interests with guys more.
  9. I used to hate jewellery and shopping until I got married. Even now, when I go out I usually have something specific in mind to buy. As soon as my needs are met, I leave the shop. I also like to go shopping alone.
  10. I love sleeping. If asked to or given the opportunity, I can sleep at any time of the day, night.
  11. I can be far too rational, totally unemotional and level-headed in situations of crisis.

I had a lot of fun doing this one.  🙂