Knock knock…who’s there?

Being Invisible.. as Blogadda says, Mr. India. Wouldn’t it be Miss Hepburn says?
This is my entry to “Being Invisible” contest by Blogadda.

This product on catches my fancy.

With my current mood, I would really go and whack my nemesis.. all of them… which is really a big number. I mean seriously whack them. This, I would not be able to do given the numerous constraints of being visible. I mean, think about it, I could whack them, get it out of my system and they would still not know who it was.

Putting aside the negativity, what would I actually do if I become invisible. Well, maybe tell it first to my aunt and then my grandmom, from whom I can hardly keep any secrets. And am sure they would like to join me in becoming invisible and do some really nasty tasks.

I would go to Lata Mangeshkar’s house. I would like to know how the queen lives. May be catch some conversations about music. I would be thrilled beyond description. What can I say, I have no words.

I would regularly visit Crosswords and read books without buying them.

I would visit film studios and watch the shooting of my favourite actor’s movies.

I would get into planes and travel all over the world. My current favourite destinations being Venice, Switzerland, Egypt and Russia. This list would get longer after my morale boosts dodging the security checks and plane tickets and visas. Wouldn’t it be lovely?

These are my humble wishes if I happen to turn invisible. The bitchy ones cannot be revealed here. 🙂

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