The Edinburgh Diaries – The Holyrood Park

Last weekend we visited the best place in Edinburgh – so far. The Holyrood Park.


The park is right in the middle of the city. Though Scotland is not unique in having hills like other cities, there may be few cities that can boast anything quite as spectacular as Holyrood Park. Located just south of the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse, Holyrood Park occupies some 650 acres, is roughly circular in shape, and measures about a mile across in any direction. Some of the outlying parts of the park are the sort of level mown grass, but most of it is a mountainous wilderness, tamed just sufficiently to make it accessible to the picnicking families, city’s joggers, dog-walkers, picnicking families and anyone wanting to enjoy some of the best viewpoints in the city.

We didn’t venture to climb up the many hills and loches but its highest point is at the summit of Arthur’s Seat. Many families and friend’s groups had carried barbeque grills and were indulging themselves. The most heartening thing was to see pretty young girls wearing prettier frocks, looking their prettiest; lying on the lush green grass and reading books. I so wished I could be one of them. I wished I could lay there reading some English novel set in the british countryside. I had even bought a couple of books but couldn’t carry it here. I haven’t been to such a lovely sight in a long time and was totally overwhelmed by the picturesque sights.