The Edinburgh Diaries – The Royal Mile

I wonder now which is more hectic, weekdays or weekends. Kiddo seems to go into an overdrive on weekends finding hubby at home. He sleeps less, wants attention more and is getting prone to throw more tantrums. However, if you take him out, he will be remain quiet for hours. Just like this weekend. The kiddo sat happily in his pram, not complaining even once He even had conversations in his sign language with the old ladies travelling in the buses with us.

We left home at 12 o’clock. Had lunch at Pizza Hut and then went to the Royal Mile through the Edinburgh Castle. To say the walk up the castle is beautiful is an understatement. You can see the entire city in front of you right up to the sea and beyond. The Royal Mile is the busiest tourist street and runs between the Edinburgh Castle at the top of the Castle Rock down to the Holyrood Abbey. It’s the most lively street apart from the Princess Street.

Most of the shops on these street are souvenir shops, pubs & clubs, kilt shops, whisky shops and cashmere. The street is crowded with tourists and it reminded me of the Dadar market gullies filled with enthusiastic shoppers. You can spend an entire day here and also in Princess Street. One of the kilt shops even has a kilt weaving loom and you can also dress up in kilts and take pictures. I didn’t shop any. I wanted to but didn’t. The reason you ask, well I wanted to have a look at all that was there before digging a hole in my hubby’s wallet. And maybe next time, I will take a picture myself and put it up here.

Image taken from here.

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