Day 8 @ Edinburgh

Today we (Shantanu and I) complete our first week in Edinburgh, Scotland. In this 1 week, we have experienced a variety of moods; from surprise, happiness, wonderment, to shock, dismay and lethargy. Why? mainly because of the weather and lack of liveliness around. Shantanu, being used to having people around is quite bored to see only my face the entire day. But from this week, hubby has decided to come home for lunch, so Shantanu could get to see him and that would put some cheer into him.

Shantanu passed on the cold to me and now we both are altering between running noses and light fever spells. However, I think this is just the acclimatizing phase. We should be fine in a couple of weeks.

This weekend, we went to Princess Street. It is one of the main streets in Edinburgh and a major shopping place. It has shops lined up on one side and the Edinburgh Castle and garden valley on the other. Shantanu had a lot of fun watching the variety of birds, the people around and the greenery. He sat quietly in his pram, taking it all in and basking in the excitement. Travelling to the park was also so easy. We could easily carry him in his pram and onto the bus.

This week, the weather forecast is good, sunny intervals and bright. So we are hoping for some more site-seeing. Till then, bbye!


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