Day 2 @ Edinburgh

Day 2 seems to be much better than yesterday. Maybe because I have got work to do.
Shantanu’s time table is not set yet. He wakes up at 5 in the morning and goes to sleep at 7- 7:30 pm. The good thing is that, he seems to have accepted this change of place pretty well. He finds out new corners and places to play with. The kitchen here has two doors, one leading to a common passage and the other leading to the dining room. When it gets too cold outside, we both go round and round the room to make him exercise and to make the cold go away. So far he hasn’t missed the pankhus above. He feels that the pankhus have been miraculously replaced with dius and he is fine with them. Another of his pass time is to switch on the lights, then I have to switch them off and then he switches them off again.
The windows of the hall are huge like ours and he has enough entertainment during his meals which he takes sitting by the window pane. He also loves watching the white kabbus here. He also keeps circling the centre table in the hall. Yesterday evening when he got bored, we both watched Anubandha and Bhagyalakshmi with rapt attention.
Here we don’t get to see much people around. Only in the morning when they leave for work and in the evening when they come back. Most of the population is old but they dress up as if going for a party. Specially the old ladies – they walk with the help of the walker, you would think that they might not survive beyond this evening, that is how old they are; but they are all decked up with makeups, hats, shiny shoes, fashionable bags and what not. The others ride in BMWs and Mercedes.
The slow moving showers and the howling winds keep us company during the day. I haven’t seen the sun since I arrived here. Looking outside the window you wouldn’t realise what time of the day it is. Coz it is still bright even at 10 in the night.   

Am attaching 2 photos, first one is taken in the morning at 11 am and the second one is taken at night 10 o’clock.   

Taken at 11 am.

Taken at 10:15 pm.

Not much difference.


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