Changes must come. It is the law.

I have been asked many times, are you a night person or a morning person? Hmm, and I never knew and I don’t know yet. I can stay awake late and can get up pretty early and take on tasks. And now I think, is it wrong to stretch both ways? I remember, most of my ‘real conversations’ with my friends have occurred at night on phone. Having friends for sleepover and talking way past midnight. In fact, I remember spending an entire night chatting with my friend and then waking up and going to school and staying perfectly alert throughout the day. And why am I writing this? I don’t know. Just trying to get a perspective on certain things and to untangle my thoughts and create some new beliefs that might help me stay peaceful in times of crisis — no anger. So many thoughts in my mind right now, that I feel like my head is a huge woolen ball tangled in its own mess.

Do certain things remain the same forever? Some do, some don’t. And the things that don’t remain the same forever, was there any permanency to them in the first place. Is time a single occasion, a moment? Or is it an indefinite period marked with connected events. Am I even making any sense? Time changes certain things but not all and how do you tell which ones will change? Or do they all change eventually at different times? And do you get to be there at that change of events or does time just pass you by.

Time, is an interesting fellow, just single-handedly manages to change lives by merely passing us by.

Was reading another Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot makes the statement that’s the tile of this post.


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