A whole lot of things to do before…

Am in the middle of creating some media here, and this bugger software just keeps shutting down in between. Frustrated. Big time. And am working on a deadline here. Coz if I don’t meet it, am gonna be late on other stuff. It’s not related but you know what I mean. Am really not at liberty to disclose anything right now. Well, it’s a self-imposed diktat.

Shopped to my heart’s fill last week. And with my favourite person, my aunt. Though I got nauseous in this murderous afternoon heat, I have no complains. The health, it succumbs, but not the spirit. I wouldn’t mind having another round of it all over again.

Coming up with lists right now. Though got to add a whole new one for Shantanu this time.

Any guesses what am talking about? 🙂


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