Bonding with the baby – 1: smiles, hugs and cuddles

It’s been a few days now, am experiencing a certain special attention from Shantanu. The moment I enter home from office, he swells up with joy and is all smiles. This lasts only for some time and soon he is back to his toys and whatever, but that is one expression to behold and only a mother can understand it.

At other times, when he is playing and crawling all over the place, he suddenly turns around to check whether I am still in the room. When he sees me, I give him an encouraging smile and he crawls across to me in full speed as if his life depended on it and comes and hugs me. This again is a treasure to hold close to heart. I can see that soon in the future he will be a big boy who is shy of my hugs and cuddles. So am enjoying all the closeness that I can.

I can see that his personality is already taking shape and I wonder how babies at such a young age as his can have preferences, choices and favourites. He loves to watch the TV. He has his favourite ads. He will not watch all of them. The music and the background score should be to his liking only then the ad catches his fancy. I wonder how this sense is developed and what is the basis of this? He loves attention, (who doesn’t) but he needs a one on one bonding with people. He will not smile at a crowd. But if you meet him alone, he will definitely make an attempt to have your attention.

He is demonstrative and wants feedback. When he learns to do something new, as soon as he has accomplished his task, he will wait and turn around to see if anyone has noticed it. He needs to now that you approve.

The best part is to watch him sleep. I feel an uncanny peace when I see him sleeping. The moment I put him on the bed, he turns to his right side, brings up his left leg, holds the blanket in his left hand and snuggles into it. Then he is sound asleep. There is so much pleasure to see this simple act of his. In the rush of the day when there is no time to do anything peacefully, watching him sleep puts me on hold and I am able to enjoy the moment in time which I can savour. He does wake up in between at night, but a simple pat on his forehead or sometimes just ruffling his hair puts him back to sleep. I do not have to take him in my arms and put him back to sleep. This mere action is sufficient assurance for him that his mom is nearby.


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