The month that was

After that Vodafone thingie in March, April turned out to be quite peaceful but not for long. Work dominated most of my time and whatever little was left was spent with Shantanu.

The highlights of the month:

Movies: Haven’t been able to watch a movie, in theatre that is; caught quite a few on TV. This weekend saw a movie ‘Tyujhya Majhyat’ which is a marathi remake of ‘Stepmom’. Most of the scenes, dialogues and situations were lifted as is from the original. Had my first real dinner party outside the house since Shantanu was born and that is close to a year now.

The men in my life: Hubby’s trouble mounted literally, from Vodafone to the volcanic eruption in Iceland. He was supposed to fly to Edinburgh which got delayed by a week. But now he is safely cushioned in the scenic mountains of Edinburgh. Shantanu can easily stand up now with support though he hasn’t started walking yet. His ability to recognise things and express himself has developed tremendously. His moods are easily identifiable and his schedule is pretty much set. I think a post update from him should come up soon as he would turn 11 months in a couple of days.

Skill building: Had the opportuniy to cook on a couple of days and I was quite staisfied with my output.Workwise I am yet to try out things that I haven’t done before and looks like I would soon be getting that opportunity.

Addictions: Still hooked on to Coffee, fish and chicken. Not that anyone’s complaining. But yes, playing Farmville is something am addicted to and I wish to god to give me the strength to stop. I fear that my crops would wither if not harvested in time and with all the crops that I have grown and harvested so far, I can virtually overcome world poverty if I decide to sell them. Playing this game takes up a whole lot of time that I would rather spend sleeping.

Shopping: Nothing substantial, atleast not for myself but it’s time to indulge now and am quite looking forward to it.

Reading: Almost non-existant. Have got a hoard of books to read. Reading two books currently, Gone with the wind and Lay her among the lilies. Both are half read and left. And still adding books to my ‘To Buy’ list every other day.

Listening to music: Again non-existant. And what is shocking is that I have forgotten lyrics of most of the songs that I knew by heart and would have sung even in my sleep. Sad actually. I sometimes hum but soon forget the lyrics. Really need to revive this one.

Friend connect: Had a couple of long conversations with two of my best friends. Quite refreshing and fulfilling. Reminisced the old days and now looking back, it seems such a lifetime back when I think of school days and sleepovers with friends. The problems which we thought we had during those days are so passe now. Infact the outlook towards life was so different then and you could be friends with someone just by sharing your tiffin box during recess time. Life was uncomplicated. Anyway, it took me back to those carefree days of innocence and where me and my friend had ‘Capital times’.

The next month would be no different except towards the end, when we would be celebrating Shantanu’s first birthday.


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