Not so happy to help – Vodafone!

Tuesday, March 23: Hubby’s  returns from Germany in the evening at 6:15 pm. We reach home by 9:30 pm.

Wednesday, March 24: At 9 am in the morning hubby realises that he has lost his cell phone. He promptly calls the Vodafone customer service to report loss of SIM card, asking them to block the card. He also places request for a new SIM card to be delivered home. The customer service guy ensures that the card will be sent by courier and will reach within 72 hours.

Saturday, March 27: Hubby calls the customer service center to enquire why the card has not reached yet. The service center guy responds that no request has been places for a new SIM card. Hubby is enraged, however he places a request again for new SIM card. This time he is ensured that the card will reach within 48 business days. Hubby enquires how come the request is not placed and asks them to check their system. The guy replies that there is some problem with the systems.

Monday, March 29: Hubby calls customer service again, in the evening about the request. The guy ensures that the card will reach him within 24 hours. Again, there are some problems with the system.

Tuesday, March 30: The SIM card finally arrives. But it is not activated. The accompanying letter mentions that you need to call so and so number to activate the card. After calling that number, the card is still not activated. Hubby is frustrated and tells the service center guy that he is fed up with their service and thinking of changing his service provide. The guy from the other end has the audacity to reply, “You can change the service provider if you want.” He is not even bothered about losing a customer.

Wednesday, March 31: The card is finally activated and the first call he gets is from the service center to make an immediate payment of his bill which is past its due date. Hubby makes an online payment the payment. In the afternoon, he gets a call again to confirm whether he has made the payment.

Thursday, April 1: at 7:30 pm: His incoming calls are active. But outgoing is still not active. He again calls the service center and asks to speak with the Manager. This request is denied. The guy tells him that he will have to submit supporting documents such as passport copy, photograph etc to the Vodafone center and only then his outgoing calls will be activated. Hubby responds that this was not mentioned in the initial calls which he made. He also says that he will provide the documents within the next couple of days but please start his service right away. The phone gets disconnected.
At 9:00 pm: Hubby again calls the service center. He patiently repeats this entire chain of calls since last Tuesday. This time the guy says that outgoing calls would be activated within 2 hours. But he will still have to submit the documents.
At 11:30 pm: Outgoing calls are not yet activated.

Friday, April 2: 9:00 am: Hubby is again in conversation with the service center person.

The level of frustration keeps increasing with each call he makes to these guys. This service is again one of those big ads and no-show thing. They are not consistent with their feedback. Nobody is bothered about the trouble the customer is facing. I am so much frustrated that I cannot write anymore right now.

Will update if the card ever gets activated!

Update: The phone started working the same evening that I wrote this article.


3 thoughts on “Not so happy to help – Vodafone!

  1. And I used to think Vodafone is the most professional of the lot!!!

    Seriously these mobile Cos are taking us for granted! To get through their seniors is a nightmare!! All we would get to listen is “they are busy you can speak to us” it is like hitting or head against a wall!!!

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