Conversations about weather

Conversations about weather

11:30 am IST
Me (in Mumbai): So how’s the weather today?
Hubby (in Munich, Germany): Sunny right now. How about there?
Me: It’s so damn hot. Thank god for the AC in the office. Outside it’s a pressure cooker.

02:30 pm IST
Hubby: It has started snowing now. Not too heavy but drizzling.
Me: Ventured outside office for an after lunch walk, but was back within seconds due to the scorching heat.

5:30 pm IST
Hubby: It’s heavily snowing now. Thank god I carried the umbrella to office today.
Me: I’ll be travelling back home in auto today and am sure to get a mud pack on my face quite literally – the dust particles are gonna stick on my sweat soaked face!

11:00 pm IST
Hubby: It’s raining now with a mild wind. Am leaving office early so that I don’t get caught in the bad weather.
Me: Thank god for the AC at home!


3 thoughts on “Conversations about weather

  1. Smita

    LOL!!! But seriously when we it was raining in Thane Vashi was scorching!!! So Germany & India main to you can expect so much difference…

    1. Maddie Post author

      Yea! And I realised weather can be such a topic for discussion! Now I understand it when they mention it in books. How wonderful to experience snowfall.


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