Happy Birthday Chings – Ching Ming Chao!

You are One year old already! I can still remember your mom and dad and all of us desperately waiting for your arrival into this world last year. Both sets of your grandparents we thrilled as you were a sight for sore eyes. Since then you have been a constant source of fun, frolic and pure relaxation for our entire family.

As for me, you were my first close interaction with a baby as small and tiny as yourself. I do not consider myself great with babies and kids, but you brought about that tender quality in me and helped me build my confidence in taking care of a baby.

The neighbours hardly ever thought that there was a baby in the house since you never gave out shrills or cried at length. You were content and happy in your own world. I haven’t seen a baby so self satisfied. You didn’t even cry when you soiled your nappies and were happy playing in that mess.

From your toothless smiles-kicks-rolling over-sitting and now trying to walk, we have seen it all and enjoyed every moment of it. Specially now your Simpsons’s style laughter – that is the best.

May you grow to be the best,
Be it in the east or the west,

Your dad will teach you to be Angrez,
Your mum will be the one amazed,

Your grandma will cook to no end,
And your grandpa will not be able to bend,

Then dear Ishu, you come to mama,
who will teach you dance and drama,

Your mami will give you sweets and creme,
And show you how to laze and dream,

And not to forget our little Shantanu,
Whose idol you will be thru and thru!

On this special day,
It’s easy to feel nostalgic about the little baby you used to be,
But it’s easier to feel proud of the one you’ve become.

You outgrew our lap, but never our heart!
On your first birthday, our wish for you –
A very happy birthday to you!


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