Keep the Change

Author: Nirupama Subramanian

Price:    Rs. 199/-

Publisher: Harper Collins

What made me pick up this book was its cover. I instantly liked it and wanted a nice light fun read at the time.

This is the story of Damayanthi Balachandran from 32 Amman Kovil Street in Chennai. She finds her name uncool along with the bunch of unsuitable prospective groom her Amma throws at her. Her life routine and dull and she is oppressed by a dead-end job as an accountant in a decrepit firm. She dreams of a new life which will give her a meaningful existence on this earth.

When she finally quits her job and some of her inhibitions to join a bank in Mumbai, Amma’s parting words are “Be good. Don’t do anything silly.” Translation: “Stay away from sex and alcohol!”

Soon Damayanthi finds herself in 124 Pine Crest, her new house and in corporate corridors and big city life.

She finds a friend in Jimmy who is her colleague.

To make it big, she must impress the intellectual CG, who has a low opinion of her, tackle a flatmate and size zero sophisticate, choose between resisting or giving in to temptation in the form of the seductive Rahul, deal with the moral dilemma of stealing a million dollar idea for her project.

Can a good girl have a really good time?

Can a conservative, curd-rice eating Damayanthi become a cool, corporate babe?

And who is this friend Victoria afterall?

Keep the Change is a wickedly witty story of every girl’s journey to fulfill her dreams and find her own place in the world.

I absolutely loved the narration of the book. I could easily identify with Damayanthi’s frustrations with her personal life as well as her professional. This book takes you through most of the common issues that a girl faces in her life.

The narration is witty and sarcastic. I specially loved the brickbats by Damayanthi’s Little Voice (LV). Her visions of herself are also very colourful and vivid. Any girl would think exactly the same, in the situations that Damayanthi finds herself in. That is where this book connects. Given that it is set in Chennai and Mumbai, you can actually identify with her. This is my first chick-lit book and I thoroughly loved it.

It is definitely good for a time pass read and am seriously thinking of exploring Indian authors now.

It is available on Flipkart for Rs. 167/- and at Indiaplaza at Rs. 163/-


2 thoughts on “Keep the Change

  1. Smita

    Somehow I didn’t like the book much. It is just an average read and doesn’t rise in the narrative. For me it was just another Chick Lit!! Though I won’t say it wasn’t readable but it had nothing new to offer!!

    1. Maddie Post author

      Hmm, This was my first chick lit and I was in a mood to read something really light and nor worth giving brain the trouble. So this suited my mood perfectly and I enjoyed the simple narrative.


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