9 months old

Today I complete nine months in this world. I have learnt a lot of things in the past few months that I would like to share with you. My mom is super busy and hence I need to write for myself.

During my first few months, I could hardly do anything except feel hungry and sleepy all the time. Now I have developed myself tremendously. My brain is developing at super fast speed and teaching me a lot of things like picking up dirt from the floor and putting it in my mouth. My mum sure hates it but I don’t bother. I give her a toothless smile and she relents. I know how to win her heart.

I keep grandma on her toes all the time and give her a real hard time. Sine my mum is super busy with office work I only have my grandma to play with all day. I want to keep her in my sight all day. I don’t like it when she goes to the kitchen or does some other work. I want to keep playing with her all day. She does that tirelessly and that makes me so happy.

Now she isn’t too happy when I crawl all over the room and slip and hurt myself. But when I do, she picks me up and gives me a kissie and I go on playing again. I have this thing for danger. I love to explore all the dangerous corners and areas around the house where am most vulnerable to getting myself hurt, but I don’t really understand that and hence I crawl over there.

I have also learnt how to stand up with the support of things but I cannot stand for too long and then I slip and fall down. But this is something new and I love to do it all the time. Even when mum and day take me out for a ride, I love to stand on my mum’s lap and watch the cars passing by. I can sit without support now. I don’t like to lie on my back and play anymore.

I love experimenting with things. My highlight of the day is to play with my toys, specially banging them on the floor. I sometimes also chew them but then grandma tells me not to chew the doggie and the ducky since they are too big in size and won’t fit in my mouth.

I haven’t got any teeth yet but mum feels I would be getting them soon since I make the chewing action all the time. She thinks that since I cry every now and then, my gums must be hurting, little does she know that that is just to grab her attention.

I think I will be a foodie when I grow up. I love food and want to try and taste everything my mum eats. She doesn’t let me have her food. I am sure it is much more yummy than the rice and Cerelac that she feeds me. But mum says that I need to have teeth before I can eat that, although she does allow me a taste of everything she eats. I can’t wait to have more.

I am growing out of my clothes everyday now and mum keeps bringing me new clothes. I love them because they are bright and have cute designs on them.

I love to go for long walks with my grandpa in the mornings. I cannot walk yet so my grandpa has to carry me all around the garden. And I just love to see the green trees and leaves and all kinds of plants. I also love watching the pigeons and sparrows fly across the sky. Sometimes they come and sit in our gallery and I am fascinated by their sight. I also love doggies very much.

I love to watch TV with my grandma and my favourite advertisements are the Lux ad (with Abhishek and Aishwarya) and the DOCOMO ad. I simple love them. I drop everything and tune in to the TV when these ads come on. I also love listening to songs but they put me to sleep instantly.

Mum doesn’t let me anywhere near her computer since I love to bang everything. I have asked her to post this on my behalf. If mum gets too busy with her work, I will keep updating you all about my growth and adventures.


2 thoughts on “9 months old

  1. Padma

    I am a grandmother of a two and half year old grand son. I know the escapades of a nine month old baby. The first two or three years when the growth is rapid is the best period to watch. I have great memories of this period of my grandson. I refresh it by seeing his photograph where he stares at the world with his big inquiring eyes, hairs falling all over his face and bursting curiosity about everything around him.

    Best wishes


  2. Maddie Post author

    Hi Padma, welcome to my blog! Isnt it wonderful to have babies around? I am enjoying every moment of his growth and it is really amazing how they develop and learn things on their own. He is only 9 months and yet somehow I miss him being 3-4 or 5 months. Is that even possible to miss your child’s first few months even before he is 1?


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