Another new year

A very happy new year to all those who read this blog or have stumbled upon here. 2010 is finally here. A new year..a new decade. Much enthusiasm to begin new ventures. We had a small party at home for new year’s eve – a family get together sort of thing. Nothing big, just an intimate dinner.

Personally, 2009 was very satisfying and fulfilling. Though it passed like a whoosh! disappeared! I can still remember returning to India last year in early Jan, very pregnant and excited. Soon we had my sis-in-law delivery a baby boy and we were on a roll since then. When in school and college, I always dreaded the end of May because it meant that school would be starting soon but this time, I was actually looking forward to it. And Shantanu was born on the last day of May! What fun what joy!! Life hasn’t been the same since then and am so loving it. The rest of th year whizzed by and now it’s another only 5 months for him to turn 1!!

All other things seem trivial now and priorities have changed drastically. It’s been a baby boom year for the family with two much more awaited additions later in the year.

So All is Well (Rancho style! Yay!)


One thought on “Another new year

  1. Smita

    Am sure 2009 was your most exicting year 🙂 and trust me you will not even know how the next few years will just fly by 🙂

    Wish you a very Happy new year 🙂


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