A housefull of memories

It’s been a long time since I spent a couple of days in the manner in which I spent this weekend. My uncle and aunt recently shifted to this new place and had held this house-warming puja and party over the weekend.

Let me get into a bit of history here. I have shared such very close relationship with this family since childhood that I cannot actually think of them as a different family. The bond and love that we share is very much special and sacred. So I was thrilled at having got this opportunity to stay over their place. Post marriage I hadn’t had much occasions or opportunities to stay at this uncle’s place.

Memories soared in my mind of the old place where we shared many loving moments over the years. Letting go of the old house was uncomfortable emotionally where every nook and corner of the home reminded me of the good times I spent there and the bond that I had developed for that place. It had become a part of my existence and it was very difficult to disconnect with it physically. Though I knew full well that there were practical difficulties to stay in that house and a shift was much-needed, I had a hard time parting with it.

The new place is great with large space and more rooms and I took to this place instantly and knew that we would be having more such moments at this new place. Unknowingly a compartment has formed in my heart about the new and old place where my uncle lived. I have always visited that old place since my childhood and then as a single person whereas I would always be visiting this new place with my baby and husband.

Though it was my uncle who and his family who shifted, I had to let go of it emotionally. The old home will always remain as my special haven and a pond of sweet honey in which I can dip to recall and cherish any special memory I want.


2 thoughts on “A housefull of memories

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