Mee Mee Monica and updates

That’s the name of the kid’s store from where we’ve got a lot of S’s things. S- that’s my son’s name. point in keeping it a secret – it’s Shantanu. Now many may find it old fashioned and too long for contemporary names but I liked it immensely and that’s what it is.

Anyway, an update on what’s happenening. I have shifted to my husband’s place two weeks back and taking care of the baby all on my own. Thank god for MIL – she is managing the kitchen.

When asleep, Shantanu is quiet (ha ha) but once awake he is quite a demanding baby and needs your constant attention, – either to talk to or play with, which I think is normal like most babies.

Just a couple of days back, he has started turning over to his right side and that makes him happy and pleases him to no end. He also tries to put his toes in his mouth but is unsuccessful though he takes a lot of effort at it.

Today we bought him a pram. I cannot say he took it up like fish to water but he did enjoy his first ride and looked around confused. That’s pretty much good.

His sleep schedule is still erratic. He sleeps anytime between 11 pm to 2 am and that’s not doing me any good. When he is awake, he liked to chat, that we must chat with him constantly. He also liked to play with his Tweety and Teddy and from their colours am guessing that Yellow is his favourite.

As an aside, I can’t believe that every time I make a best score on a game on Facebook, the net decides to die on me and I have to replay.


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