Two months old! Celebrate

Exactly two months ago at this time, I was lying in the hospital bed, anesthesia still keeping me drowsy and numbing the pain of having my stomach torn open to bring out the crying mass of tissue, muscles and a heartbeat! Yes, my son becomes two months today. I can hardly believe it’s already two month since he came into our lives. While I was still pregnant time didn’t pass as fast and I kept counting the days and weeks waiting for the baby to be born. And now he is already two months old, eight weeks! Ahh…how time flies!

And now I wish time to go slowly so that I can savor every moment, every little action, every smile, every murmur and everything else he does. Already he has started expressing himself so very nicely that I can actually understand! I feel that am not that dumb a mother and the total credit goes to my son who has taught me his own language!

As I have noticed the minute changes in him since he was born, I have also noticed how much I have changed. From being content with 2 hours of sleep at a time to controlling my temper, coz, I know he is watching and would soon be imitating my actions and of those around him. It is so wrong to say that babies and kids don’t understand what’s going around them. In fact it’s quite the opposite, their instincts are stronger than grown ups. They can easily sense our moods, our reactions even when they don’t understand our words. Anyway..

My mum and dad have started enjoying him a lot recently now that he has started responding to their talks and actions. However, my dad’s feeling a bit down that we cannot feed him a chocolate or even a cake today for his two months achievement. Mum is a step ahead, she wants to feed him ice-cream! I suggested why not have a five course dinner then!

Even though he is so small right now, I cannot help myself wondering about the future, when the time comes for- his first words, his first rolling over, his first crawl, his first steps… so many things to look forward to. Motherhood is a bless!


2 thoughts on “Two months old! Celebrate

    1. Maddie Post author

      Life has taken a 180 degree turn and I am absolutely loving it. I am happy now though everybody keeps telling me that it would get hectic soon, once he starts crawling and talking.. let’s see… am optimistic! 🙂


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