Views from my window

This one is for Smitha. Not trying to make her jealous but this is the view I see from my window. It’s amazing during monsoon, since there’s hardly any traffic on the road. With lots of trees around it gets really cold and windy. The greenery makes it soothing for the eye especially after the rains wash down! Doesn’t really feel like am living in the city.


Right in front of the Garage


View from the hall


The other side

This morning “The Cat” that my aunt feeds regularly, decided that my dad’s scooter was the best place to feel warm and cozy about in these rains.


Cozy place for The Cat

Then she thought turning about was the better position ๐Ÿ˜›


Cat on my dad's scooter


6 thoughts on “Views from my window

  1. ish

    Oh those cats always feel warm and cozy on scooter seats. I find cat paws on me scooter seat everyday. And they’re even choosy about the seats. It never sits on my mum’s scooter because the seat is not too comfortable. We even tried changing positions to see if it would change scooters but it didn’t budge at all. Cat paws are pretty, btw.


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