My current condition…

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Sleep is really a thing of the past right now. I manage to catch my forty winks whenever the baby allows me to. It doesn’t last more than two hours at a time. And just within 15 days I have got so used to it that I wake up after about two hours as if my body and mind have an internal alarm of its own.

The baby is doing fine… growing beautifuler and fuller by the day. Thank got for the rains, sleeping peacefully would become a bit more easy. With the arrival of the monsoon he’s sleeping more. I am so tempted to put up his photos and videos here but…. in time maybe…

After talking with the pandit, he said we need to name the baby from the letter T! Think about it! T as in Tiger and not Tanmay! Is there a single decent modern name out there starting from the letter T? I thought of Tulip but hubby says it suits a girl better than a boy. Then he thought of Topaz but himself discarded it. Now I don’t think that’s too bad.. is it?

On a different note, it was a wrong time to put up my CV on I did it a week before the baby was born. And now I get at least two calls a day from reputable companies offering me the dream job. Only that I cannot join right now and obviously cannot move to different locations. Otherwise there’s nothing wrong with the job offers. 😦 Bad timing!


6 thoughts on “Sleep…deprived!

  1. Amit

    I think you should check out on internet for Hindu boy names. T is really difficult. There is always an alternate alphabet!!
    And don’t even think about a job for at least a year! 🙂

  2. Smita

    I agree with Amit there are quite a many good sites for Names, check them out 🙂

    As far as job hmm wrong timing I guess 🙂

    And for next one year am sure your clock will work around the baby 🙂

    1. Maddie Post author

      I have checked out many sites but sigh no name from the letter T. I have a few favourites though but from other letter. Let’s see. I agree job timing is wrong but feel so sad when I get those calls and I all I can do is reject. 😦

      My sleep time is already working around the baby. I cannot sleep more than two hours at a time. My internal clock wakes me up even if the baby is asleep 😀

  3. ish

    You should name him Tipu Sultan!!

    Haha, only kidding. You don’t mind, do you? It’s so interesting to read your latest posts, how you’ve changed with the arrival of the baby and so. It’s just amazing how things and situations change in life, isn’t it? How we just grow up and mature and so many other things. But I’m sure it must be more tiring than exciting right now. It’ll be fine soon, I believe. Is he naughty and stuff? Or does it take more than 2 weeks to figure that out? I’m sorry but I’m very ignorant as far as kids are concerned. I don’t have any siblings or cousins younger than me so I practically haven’t ever seen a child growing up!

    1. Maddie Post author

      The first name I thought of was Tipu Sultan!! But nobody likes it here. And so true about the growing up stuff. It started the day he was born. I was sleeping soundly in the hospital when the nurse brought him. In the next couple of days she told me that now he’s my responsibility to take care of him and that I cannot be so carefree! It’s like what Ross says in Friends.. I knew I was having a baby but I didn’t know he was gonna have me!! For just three weeks old he is quite a Nautanki as you call it. Will write more about his acts later! 😛


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