I am still at home, officially on Maternity Leave from this week. Still pregnant and waiting for the D-day. Hoping it comes soon as I get tired more frequently than before and gaining weight at light’s speed. The slightest pain puts me on an alert whether this is it. But no, till now there have only be false signals and am glad that I haven’t made a fool out of myself by rushing to the hospital only to be told that there’s still time. I think I will know when the real time comes. Till then it’s only wait and watch.

The last couple of weeks really stretch a lot. You are all anxious and excited to see your baby and the worse is you don’t know when that time will come. The summer heat isn’t helping at all. And what with the increased metabolism during pregnancy am sweating doubly. The relief is only the AC.

SIL’s baby is an angel. Since the past couple of weeks he has started smiling and is able to recognise our faces. I am getting to experience God’s smile and it sure is divine. The other day he was sleeping soundly in his bed when he started coughing. I picked him and rocked him a little. Within seconds he went back to sleep not before giving me that divine toothless smile. I surely felt it was out of this world. A thing as simple as a baby’s smile has the capacity to cheer and inspire you from within. And the baby doesn’t even understand how good he makes you feel. By the way, we named him “Ishaan”. I so want to put up his photos here, but he is just so tiny and the “buri nazar” orthodox feeling keeps lurking in my head. So photos can wait then.

Anyway,Β the computer was dead for past few days and only yesterday I was able to format and install OS on it (a first for me…..yaaay!!). Still have to load many softwares to make it “personal” for me. That’s the task for today.


4 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Smita

    Take Care πŸ™‚

    And good decision of not putting up the snap here because “buri nazar” waali baat sahi hoti hai πŸ™‚

    1. Maddie Post author

      Still 10 more days… the waiting part is so tiring, specially when you get so heavy as putting 10 kgs extra! The name Ishaan came up after a lot of searching over the net for the meaning and even going through Baby name books. πŸ˜›


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