A century already!!!

I hadn’t realised that I had completed 100 posts until I visited the Dashboard to change my blog theme.

100?? How can that be I say!

But no, the number is correct. It is a couple more than 100.

My postings have been few and infrequent, yet I have managed to crawl up to 100. It is quite an inspiration in itself.

Thanks Sujay for encouraging me to start the blog, for suggesting topics and ideas to post on when I was too reluctant to continue blogging. 🙂

The only despair is that I haven’t been able to get many comments. Except for Amit, who has been kind enough to comment on my ramblings. Ish, where are you?

Guys, help me out! Tell me how can I get more visibility in the blogosphere. I promise to post more frequently and hopefully the posts would be more interesting.


3 thoughts on “A century already!!!

  1. Amit

    Know what! Somehow you should increase your circle of bloggers. Go out and read blogs of other people and leave some comments there. It works. People won’t know you are there till you go and tell them. 🙂
    There are many tips in WordPress too about increasing your hit count. Try reading that too.
    Congratulations! I haven’t even crossed 150 yet! 😦

  2. ish

    Heyy Maddie!

    First of all, I’m sorry about the commenting part. I’ve been too out of inspiration to comment or write anywhere lately. But that’s hardly an excuse. I promise I’ll be around more.

    And as far as increasing your hits is concerned, you’ve got to do exactly what Amit mentioned. You can’t expect people to comment on your blog when you don’t comment on theirs. Just find interesting blogs in blogrolls of your friends and go crazy with the keyboard. That’s how it worked for me. Not only do you enhance your readership, you also find like minded people who might become your friends for life.

    Cheers, and Congratulations for the century! Take care, mate! 😀

  3. Maddie Post author

    @ Amit: Yes, I have already started commenting around blogs and even updated my blogroll. There are many more blogs that I read and will update the list soon. As for your not crossing 150 posts yet, your posts are meaningful and qualitative than the usual rants which I come across many blog. It makes an interesting read and am always waiting for you to update your blog. 😛

    @ Ish: Welcome back to the blogworld 😀 . I read that you are more awake on Twitter than on the blogosphere. 🙂


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