About office and stifling heat

I broke the office extension phone the other day. No, not intentionally. It  happened by accident. The wire stretched way too much as the phone was at my colleague’s desk and the handset just flew from my hand and crashed on the floor. Miraculously, it didn’t break to pieces. Well, not too many. The entire cover from the top came off. Luckily, I could put it back and it somehow got fixed into the slot. There was however a huge crack showing the effects of the crash. And the phone survived this and is still working. Somehow, sub-consciously, all my anger and issues about my office and the work environment were manifested in that act.

They have taken cost-cutting very seriously too! After about a couple of hours, the air conditioners are switched off for about 10-15 minutes. I being an over sweaty person, start perspiring like the new fan ad.

The good part is that my project got over and I can relax at home, still being on the bench at the same time.

Home is no better without the AC in this stifling heat. Sparing a few hours, the AC is constantly on. My grandmother stays on the top floor of her building and her house gets hotter due to the terrace on top. She thinks there is no need to wash clothes since they become so wet due to the sweat that only drying them would suffice. 😛 My uncle feels that there should be an AC which can be attached to our backs.

The relief is only the IPL matches that take the mind off the heat. Also occasionally indulging in ice cream, kulfi and lassi!!


2 thoughts on “About office and stifling heat

  1. Amit

    The funniest thing which has happened in my office was when one of my lady colleague was dragging her chair while she sat on it. She was dragging it towards my seat for a discussion and then suddenly she toppled. She was at my feet in a second with the chair on top of her and was staring at me to pick her up. I was busy laughing. 😆

  2. Maddie Post author

    Hey… even I had a fall like that once, no make it twice, once in the office and one when I was in school. I don’y know how I missed the bench in the school since it doesn’t have wheels and doesn’t move. But the fall I had in office was very embarassing since it happened in the conference room just before the meeting started and I had my seniors with me. 😦


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