About actors and ads

I am desperately craving for a cup of coffee right now. I haven’t had one since past 6-7 months. I wouldn’t call myself a coffee addict even though I have had more than two cups of coffee since the time I was 10. But since pregnancy demands no coffee, I had to curb my desire. Somehow, the urge to have one cup is stronger than ever. Anyway, I have temporarily calmed myself down with a cuppa tea; but then it’s never the same. Coffee lovers will agree.

My desire for having a cuppa coffee isn’t just like that. Currently I have no work and am absolutely idle. Thus starts the boredom and the mind searches for alternative ways to keep itself from dozing off. Browsing the web also, can put you to sleep. After all, how much can you read and for how long?

To divert my mind from the coffee I have been forcing myself to think about different things. And what better than movies, gossip, actors! I was a movie buff once, but over the period of time, I have lost the excitement for it. Time and work can be partially blamed for it. I remember the time in college when after watching a movie, I used to spend the next week talking about it and replaying every scene in my mind, had I liked it. I rarely find movies nowadays that touch a cord in my heart.

Moving from movies to actors, I have to grudgingly agree that Aamir Khan is doing better roles and better acting than SRK with whom lie my loyalties. SRK holds a special place in my heart but with the current string of films that he is doing, I can only shake my head and regret. But Aamir comes up with TZP, Ghajini, and the hilarious ads every now and then. SRK, I do still love you but please do something worthwhile with your talent. Some serious kind of roles like Swades and Chak De India.

AB senior is doing better in his second innings as an actor. I again have to give in and say that he has matured as an actor compared to the roles and films that he did in his hay-days. He has matured as an actor and no, I don’t think he is the best actor the Hindi Film Industry ever produced. I also find AB junior far better than Hrithik Roshan. Why, you ask me? The guy looks natural, even vulnerable at times. He isn’t perfect, doesn’t have a bod to die for like Hrithik, and that’s precisely what I admire. The imperfectness. I can identify with this imperfection. I am not perfect, far from it. But seeing someone on screen who is perfect to a fault irks me. I don’t believe anybody can be so in his/her real life. That is also the reason why I dislike AB junior’s wife so much. She is an ice princess, one whose heart you cannot see, nor can you touch. She is politically correct, all the time! Even when she met Oprah! She may be the only person Oprah wasn’t able to connect to.

The other actors I admire are Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Kumar, not because of their current hits but since a long time back. Saif is the underdog. With all attention focused on SRK and Aamir, I wonder if anyone is noticing the versatile roles that Saif has been doing since Dil Chahta Hai? And I like Akshay since his film Sangharsh.


Apart from Aamir’s Tata Sky ad that I liked very much, there’s another one which I find highly offensive. The one where a bespectacled girl asks her father whether she is pretty and he assures her that she is. Her self esteem raises when her dad drives her around in a brand new car. So much for not making kids materialistic. It is so incorrect to instill such values in them. Brand new bigger car = high self esteem. And then again in that ad, she becomes the centre of attention only because she is in that car. She is given the attention for no deed of hers. Who approves of such ads? I think educationalists and child psychologists should take an objection to such projection of incorrect values and morals.


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