About travelling woes and chaos

This week I stayed at my parent’s place, assuming I would get more rest and spend less time travelling to and fro office. The opposite happened. Too much traffic, cabs not reaching on time, lack of scheduling and a general chaos about everything. I never thought I would say this, but reaching to Thane is more peaceful than reach to Borivli from Andheri. Thanks to all the bridge construction work at Malad; which is supposed to dissolve the traffic; but that is what is precisely creating a bottleneck. It takes more than an hour to reach Borivli from Andheri which under normal circumstances and no traffic would not take more than 20 mins.

No matter how many bridges you construct in Mumbai, the traffic situation is never going to improve. I am of the opinion that if you want a congestion clear situation, you would have to build a new Mumbai from scratch with new roads and rails, housing societies, schools, hospitals etc. Building a bridge is no solution. Specially when the work takes longer than estimated and creates a havoc for the commuters. I doubt if these bridges will be completed before the monsoons and even when they functional, they won’t be up to the mark. Soon they would have pits and would be dug up again!

On a different note, women have a way of complicating things around them. Yes, me being a woman, am making this statement. To the most recent chaos and arguments in my life, I find that women are at the source of it, sometimes including me. Why oh why do they have to spell out everything. Can they not just keep quiet and keep things to themselves? Is is always necessary to pass on any information you get? They have this obsessive compulsive need in them to blurt out any important or trivial information with no regards to the consequence of their such action. I am not saying men do not create problems. They do because they hardly talk about stuff. I find both are at extremes when it comes to talking about things and discussing issues.


2 thoughts on “About travelling woes and chaos

  1. Amit

    The last paragraph reminded me of the curse of Yudhishtira…or was it someone else.. šŸ˜
    Well, you can find men like that too. I have a few very good friends who just can’t keep things in their stomach! šŸ™‚

    1. Maddie Post author

      @Amit: Yes, some people cannot keep things in their stomachs. However, once we identify such people, we tend to keep things from them. We do not tell them the important or volatile stuff. But am talking about those, who know the repercussions of letting things out and the damage that it costs to others.


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