Are men really that forgetful?

I was talking to my aunt this morning when she complained to me that my cousin forgot to carry his cell phone to office today. After he left, the phone buzzed a number of times before she switched it off to have some peace of mind. She then went into the details of how she reminds my cousin and my uncle every single morning to carry all the necessary accessories; cell phone, I-card, tiffin, handkerchief, wallet, any important files/bills to be paid and so on.

It immediately reminded of the similar episodes that take place at my home with my hubby and FIL. There are times when the lunch box is kept right on the table beside our main door and the FIL has forgotten to carry it just because the MIL didn’t remind him. There are times when our car has left the complex only to make a u-turn to fetch tiffin boxes, mobile phones and newspapers.

How is it that my MIL remembers all the things that we carry everyday to the office and the office goers forget them behind. Is it simple forgetfulness and somewhat of a coincidence that many of my family members are forgetful, or is that men are genetically absentminded?


4 thoughts on “Are men really that forgetful?

  1. Maddie Post author

    Yes, it does become a habit and I agree that staying away from your family does make you more responsible. Still, things are back to square one once you are back with your family. The mental state is relaxed and you know even if you forget, there are people behind you who will tidy up or take care of the stuff. 🙂


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