Updates about a new life

The office has unblocked blogs and am inspired to write. Yes! I have finally found a project, that suits my requirements task-wise and time-wise. I have started feeling useful again.

At home, things are hyperactive. Ever since my sis-in-law gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy almost three weeks ago, the atmosphere is very alive and happening. It’s amazing the energy, joy and pleasure that a new life brings to you. You are almost constantly charged up and bubbly near the little one; what with the soft traditional fragrance of Johnson’s baby powder and tiny little clothes. Of course, there are crying episodes and diaper changes but overall it is very exciting even when the baby is asleep. Everybody in the house has turned into a singer/composer – coming out with new songs every now and then; trying to put him to sleep.

I have been wanting to write an entire post about the D-day but quite frankly haven’t found the time and more importantly the words to pen down the happenings of that day and the feelings that we experienced during the entire period. It’s been a full house since the little one arrived and yes, we don’t have a name yet so I’ll stick to the “little one” for now. He demands almost all your time during his waking hours and you tirelessly comply. No matter how exhausted you are, you still find the energy and enthusiasm to do stuff for him. In fact, just being around him and taking care of him has a relaxing effect on you. Any worries, tensions or problems just vanish and you are right there in the moment, giving your full attention and concentration on the single act of loving him. There isn’t any other moment so genuine and so pure.


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