In waiting..

funny pictures of cats with captions

Oops! I wonder why I even bother anymore coz I seem to be updating this thing very rarely, once in few weeks or sometimes even months. My posting frequency has gone down. Ever since I put my feet up (literally), I don’t have much to write about. Hence the posts are mostly either nostalgic or very personal.

Okay, so what am I doing with my feet up. After the long vacation in Singapore got over, I thought I would join back work and start slogging until a few more months before the little one comes along. However, ironically, the best laid plans didn’t work out. Thanks to the recession and its effect on jobs and economy, am at home. No, they haven’t given me the pink slip, am technically working but not on any project. You guessed it right, am on bench, as they call it.

So here I am staying at home, day after day, waiting for things to start rolling finally, but am guessing it’s going to be a long wait. What do I do when I have so much free time at hand. When am not watching the idiot box or browsing the net, I like to either sleep or daydream, the latter one I favour more.

It’s still cold here in the suburbs of Mumbai which gives me ample opportunity to sock up my feet and have a hot bowl of soup. The day dreaming or just dreaming and fantasising begins then. I wish I were in England living in a countryside place with rabbits and foxes running around. Thatched cottages, Victorian villas and mansions would make for the surroundings. The general feeling would be if you were transported back through time into a book of say Enid Blyton or Agatha Christie (not with the murders though) and you saw everything you read about coming into life, you would be so excited. I would even like parlour maids and butlers around the house that would cater to my needs while I sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate!

Well the eating and drinking part is all well but am missing the geography and climate part of it. In time I hope… It is not that things aren’t interesting in real life. Major events, occasions and gatherings are about to take place in near time which would ensure ample partying, freaking out and fun and enjoyment in general. However, that would make for another post. Am waiting for the action to begin. Till then, fantasies and poems and day dreaming it is.


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