It was a good weekend

I am very happy.

The major thing that I have been doing after coming back, apart from resting is watching sports and by that I mean “Tennis only”.

I am a great fan of Federer or any other guy who is playing opposite Nadal. But you got to give it to him, he has got talent… and stamina. As much as I hate to admit and as Federer said, “It’s killing me.” but that guy earned it and how well!

Two matches, two thrillers! Needless to say I have thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed them. I had my eyes full of some great matches and it has very much quenched my thirst for the time being. It has been long since such champions level of tennis was played.

And how can I not mention the man who almost defeated Nadal… Fernando Verdasco. He is the man, I say, who will rule next. His aces, forehand, cross court shots and service liners…very adroitly played..hmmm…reminded me a lot of Agassi…!

To summarize, am just very happy to have watched these two A-level tennis matches!!!


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