The Rebuild India Mission

The entire nation was shocked with what Mumbai experienced on 26th November 2008. Everyone realised that things had gone out of control this time. Citizens and people protested in every way, marching for peace, protests, writing blog posts; in short, each one of us wanted to do something substantial. Then came a small group of bloggers who were highly motivated came up with the idea of what we a citizens can do for the nation. They initiated the Rebuild India mission with an aim to publicize the voice of the citizens. In their first stage, they asked bloggers to come up with detailed suggestions and opinions that need to be taken in order to get the nation back on track. Then, in the second stage,  based on the suggestions, an online survey with 17 questions has been formulated and it is currently open to all for participation:

Survey Details

The motive behind conducting this survey is to get the suggestions presented by bloggers, certified by general internet users. (For further details on the ‘Rebuild India’ plan of action, please click here). The survey comprises of 17 questions, which would hardly take around a couple of minutes to respond to. However, since the survey consists of proposed actions steps as options, it is advisable to ponder over each and every option mentioned in order to gain valuable perspective on where the nation stands at this point of time. If done with the focus and attention, the survey in itself would prove to be a huge learning curve with respect to where the nation stands as of now.

Participate and be a part of the movement!


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