War on Mumbai

It is hard to put down logical, rational and coherent thoughts after the incidents in Mumbai. The scale at which the terror attacks were – are conducted in Mumbai can only be an outcome of unprecedented and planning, adroit co-ordination with a strong monetary support. The audacity of the terrorists and brazenness of this tragedy is another example of the failure of government officials.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi condemned the terrorist attack and called it a challenge for India. There is a statement she made which struck me as most ironic. She said that she hoped the resilience of the people of Mumbai remained undeterred. I mean how much more should the people of Mumbai or for that matter the people of India suffer until they put their foot down and prosecute for a safe place to live. Isn’t it already more than enough?

The terrorists had come well equipped with AK-47 rifles, RDX and automatic guns. They had come fully prepared and knew what their targets were. The Intelligence had, until now, no idea who these people are, what do they want and what their targets are, how did they gain access into Mumbai without raising suspicion, from where did they get access to such a huge amount of ammunition and explosives. It’s only that after the catastrophe has occurred that they come out with statements as to which group the terrorists. Pakistan, also, comes up with new names every time for owning responsibility of such a calamity. I think it’s a game for them. Their potentiality to conduct such tragedies only intensifies with each attack. It;s high time to return the favour with more vigour and adroitness.

Mumbai is known for its undying spirit and getting back on her feet after any disaster of a large magnitude. But what use is it to get up and go back to your normal life if you don’t live long enough to see the future. Or what if there is no city left, no office buildings, no work (with the economic downfall) and no people in the city.

All foreign presidents and prime ministers and Indian president and leaders have condemned the attacks. Well, that is understood or a given. Just making a statement won’t do now. After such a magnitude of terror attacks, its high time to look at terrorism from a disciplined standpoint. It should be chastised. The city of Mumbai and India should be safeguarded in such a manner to instill a belief among the terrorist nations that it cannot be bugged and intercepted in any manner. I hope neutralising the terrorists in hotels and around the city, declaring that the situation is under control and announcing which group conducted this disaster isn’t the end of it all. It should only be a beginning in attempt to root out terrorism from the country.

2 thoughts on “War on Mumbai

  1. It just have to stop somewhere. I don’t know how the people in Mumbai are going through this. There is a limit to everything and they have been tested too many times.

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