Weird Dreams

As you all know (well, all those who read my blog!), I haven’t been doing much lately. Nothing at all, really. Just sitting around idly twiddling my fingers and swatting flies, no, no, I don’t swat flies, cause there aren’t any here. My mind has become lazy but then only during the day. It goes into a hyper active mode though sub-consciously during the night. Yes, I have been getting these weird dreams lately. I have been dreaming a lot. Or maybe I always used to dream a lot and now I can remember them all. Sometimes it’s the same dream repeating frame by frame and I know what’s coming. And other times, it’s something very weird, not totally out of this world but very uncharacteristic. My dreams are vivid, colourful and very weird. Here are a few of them:

  • I am riding with my father on his scooter on a road near our house and at a turn the scooter slips and I fall on my back and hurt my head. It’s one of the dreams that I have been getting since I was a small kid. I don’t know what that means. Maybe it means that my life is controlled by him and that hurts me somehow!
  • I am living in this huge hotel with doors and rooms close to each other and there is someone out there who wants to kill me. I never see that person upfront just lurking around the corner somewhere and I run scared around the hotel everytime I see him. I am constantly in fear while staying at this hotel. This dream is probably inspired by one of those Agatha Christie books that I have read a lot. I don’t know its significance. I don’t get this one frequently, it just stayed with me somehow.
  • I am travelling on this huge ship which is just too huge. Maybe like the Titanic. This ship is cruising in deep vast sea which has huge, giant waves. This sea somehow has huge sharp-end rocks and every time the ship dips into the huge waves, I fear it will get hit on some rock and I will die. This ship is sailing at breakneck pace taking in huge amounts of water. Everyone else on the ship seems to be oblivious to this fact and are enjoying and I am standing somewhere on the top from where I can see the giant waves and the rocks. I have been getting this dream a lot recently. I think it’s inspired from Titanic and The Perfect Storm.
  • This one is the icing on the cake. It starts with a party at my house. I am having a large number guests at home. In the middle of the party, the police arrive with an arrest warrant. And guess who is it for. It’s for my sweet old little grandmother. She is sitting at corner having her ice cream. The warrant says that my grandmother is charged for assisting the terrorists in all those bomb blasts. That she supplied them with the bombs. We all get baffled by this, but my grandmother is just sitting in a corner quietly. We ask the police to give us some time to confront with her and they agree. We question her and she breaks down. She says that she didn’t want to do all this illegal thing but she was forced to do so. We wonder what is it that would force her to do something like this. We then get a call by some terrorist (?) saying that my grandmother is used to taking drugs (???) such as cocaine and is addicted to it. And that they blackmailed her saying they would inform her family about this unless she helped them. That’s it. This is where it ends.

I fail to understand how my mind could cook up stuff like this. But am sure it would make a very interesting storyline if I extend on each of these dreams, especially the last one.


6 thoughts on “Weird Dreams

  1. ish

    Woah, I have weird dreams too but your last one was totally beyond. Actually I had a dream last night in which there’s a serial killer and in the end it turns out to be a friend from college. I swear I couldn’t talk to him today because of that dream.

  2. mitesh

    dream is the effect of what you see or hear directly or indirectly, it is what you think always, like or fear something etc.
    just read romantic books for a month and you may dream your fav.

    see you later

  3. Maddie Post author

    @Ish: Yes, I know, dreams have a weird hangover kind of effect. You feel as if you are living the dream even after it is over.

    @Amit: The last one is indeed the best. My grandmother and I had a great laugh over it and given her sharp and witty nature, it was very hilarious.

    @Mitesh: Welcome! Yes, I agree dreams are something that we experience in our lives daily.

  4. Rinaya

    Wow som imaginatn u’v gt!:PI alwys dream of thngs I desire intensly.Lyk d mrng I woke up shcokd 2fnd latest Potter buk misng 4m my bedsde!I’d bo8 it in my drm:P


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