Food for thought

This may seem to be a depressing post if not pessimistic. I get frustrated with things as soon as they fall into a routine. I am bored with life…again!! But this time again it is because of no work. I miss the deadlines, the tight work task schedules and the rush. Those things kept me on my toes.

But now all is dull again. All play and no work makes Maddie a dull gal. Till a couple of weeks back, I had cooking skills to improve. But then my parents came here and I have handed the entire responsibility of the kitchen to my mother. It was bliss initially but now no work at all has depressed me.

Now even the US elections are over and there is nothing interesting to watch on TV except for those stupid soaps which are rather dumb and slow. Even the few which are watchable do not hold my interest beyond a couple of episodes.

Singapore is a small city, maybe even smaller than Mumbai. So once you have been to all places, thee’s nothing much left to see. You see one mall and you’ve seen them all. There is no enthusiasm left to even show around places to parents. I just give them the map, tell them the train and bus details and they go around on their own.

The way I felt through Diwali here was a real eye opener to my real inner feelings about staying here. I miss home, I miss the people, I miss food and I just miss the familiar surroundings.

I think my mind has also started degrading now and unless there is some serious stimulus I fear my mind will soon be out of use.


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